Tuesday, July 15, 2008

For Sale

Access to the White House and senior administration officials, yours for a little donation to the Bush Library.

Homeland Security officials are looking into allegations that a member of the department’s advisory council offered to arrange meetings with senior administration officials in exchange for a large donation to the Bush presidential library.

Stephen Payne, a major GOP fundraiser and international affairs lobbyist, also touted his success in getting an Uzbek opposition leader removed from the U.S. terrorist watch list and issued a U.S. visa.

“This is a horribly unfortunate story,” said Homeland Security spokeswoman Laura Keehner. “We are looking into the facts.” She declined to comment further.


I seem to recall that the Republicans stopped the world when there was an accusation of this in the Clinton administration. So now it’s just “unfortunate.” My, how things have changed.

HT to TPM.