Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Blogaround

Here, for your delectation and delight, the LC‘s weekly blogaround.

A Blog Around The Clock: knew your meat.
archy: PZ Myers and the holy cracker.
Bark Bark Woof Woof: Why is no one taking John McCain to task for his 61 documented flip-flops?
Bloggg: looking to buy a car? Read the obits.
Collective Sigh bids farewell to Jesse Helms.
Dohiyi Mir: The Epic Journey continues.
Echidne Of The Snakes: blogging while naked.
Florida Progressive Coalition Blog: We need your help; please donate. Thanks.
Iddybud Journal: impeachment will get a hearing.
Left Is Right: what will Obama’s FISA vote cost him?
Lefty Side of the Dial: wow…I have a blog?
Musing’s musings: still on vacation.
Pen-Elayne on the Web: Elayne is still catching up, but she gives us Silly Putty University.
Rook’s Rant: patiently — or not — waiting for UPS to show up.
rubber hose: none of the fun is getting there.
Scrutiny Hooligans: gambling on Elizabeth Dole.
SoonerThought: Econ 101.
Speedkill: commenting on comments.
Steve Bates, The Yellow Doggerel Democrat: revising the War Powers Act.
Stupid Enough Unexplanation: a cross teacher.
WTF Is It Now?? John McCain on Viagra.

On that note….[shudder]… have a great weekend.