Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Good People

Every so often a story comes along that restores and refreshes your faith in your fellow bipedal mammalian life forms. From the Sun-Sentinel:

DANIA BEACH – Willie Nelson, the Yorkie, found a new home. So did Muskrat, the cocker spaniel-poodle mix.

Even Pig Pen — an aptly named half-Maltese, half-poodle that looked as if he had never met a grooming brush in his life — found a master who saw beyond his matted white coat and sad past.

Excited barks and whines echoed from the Humane Society of Broward County’s shelter Tuesday as hundreds of would-be owners formed a snaking line outside, attracted by the news that more than 130 dogs were up for adoption after being rescued from a Tennessee puppy mill.

As the visitors packed the reception area, cooed over the kenneled canines, and signed waiting lists as many as six people long to vie for a pup, shelter volunteers posted cheery red stickers on many of the cages.

“Hurray,” the stickers said, “I’m adopted!”

By the end of the day, workers said most — although by no means all — of the dogs on display had taken the first step toward adoption. Still more are expected to become available today.

“It’s overwhelming. I come here and it reminds me: People are basically good,” said shelter volunteer Lisa Fechter, who said she was touched that so many were ready to adopt despite the poor economy.

Fechter, who was laid off from her job more than a year ago, adopted a dog of her own while fighting breast cancer. During rough times, she reasoned, humans and canines need each other.

“Right now, everyone is having a hard time,” she said. “But a pet lover has a heart, even when he doesn’t have a wallet.”

If my lease allowed it, I’d have been in line, too.