Thursday, July 10, 2008

Help Send Them to Denver

If you can’t make it to the Democratic convention in Denver, why not help send Kenneth Quinnell and the FPC delegation in your stead?

[W]e’ll go beyond simple the high profile events. We’ll introduce you to the delegates from Florida with personal profiles. We’ll do live radio shows from Denver and try to get some guests we might not normally get. We’ll report from the multitude of unofficial events surrounding the convention, such as the things that happen in the bloggers’ Big Tent. We’ll give you a nightly group round-up of what were the best and worst things we saw that day and we’ll bring you a taste of the parties and other social events as well.

So that’s what you’ll get. How will we get it to you? Through your contributions. We need to raise $6000 to cover the costs of the trip. Are whole delegation will be raising the money and we’ll do it through advertising sales, sponsorships and through small donations. Go to PayPal and donate through our Florida Progressive Coalition account (, or you can write a check to Florida Progressive Coalition.

Do what you can; this is one of the ways to get your voice heard for Florida and the rest of the country.