Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Raising Kaine

Rumors are flying that Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine is under very serious consideration for the veep spot on the Obama ticket.

My guess is that this spate of rumors is a trial balloon to gauge the reaction. It seems to have worked.

I’d be really surprised — and confused — if Sen. Obama chooses Gov. Kaine. I can’t figure out what he brings to the ticket other than a conservative tilt to the ticket that seems to be gauged only to win the election without seeing beyond that, which seems to run counter to Mr. Obama’s own expressed desires for a running mate.

My guess is that if Gov. Kaine is letting this news go forth, he’s either being incautious about who his staff talks to and therefore has just knocked himself out of contention, or this is a feint to draw attention away from the real choice. At least I hope so.