Saturday, July 26, 2008

Short Takes

Goodbye Muddah, Goodbye Faddah: As a former camp counselor, I had my share of homesick kids…and my share of parents who couldn’t let their kids go when they went to camp.

School Board Showdown: Politics trumps the kids — again — as the Miami-Dade County Public Schools board deals with budget shortfalls and approaching elections.

Think You Know John McCain? Think again, says Bob Herbert.

We have a monumental double standard here. Mr. McCain has had trouble in his public comments distinguishing Sunnis from Shiites and had to be corrected in one stunningly embarrassing moment by his good friend Joe Lieberman. He has referred to a Iraq-Pakistan border when the two countries do not share a border.

He declared on CBS that Iraq was the first major conflict after 9/11, apparently forgetting — at least for the moment — about the war in Afghanistan. In that same interview, he credited the so-called surge of U.S. forces in Iraq with bringing about the Anbar Awakening, a movement in which thousands of Sunnis turned on insurgents. He was wrong. The awakening preceded the surge.

More important than these endless gaffes are matters that give us glimpses of the fundamental makeup of the man. A celebrated warrior as a young man, he has always believed that the war in Iraq can (and must) be won. As the author Elizabeth Drew has written: “He didn’t seem to seriously consider the huge costs of the war: financial, personal, diplomatic and to the reputation of the United States around the world.”


Barack Obama is not the only candidate the voters need to know more about

Tigers Update: They dropped it in the ninth to the White Sox.

Как сказать по-русски «lemon»?* GAZ is building a version of the Chrysler Sebring in Russia.

*HT to Pyesetz for the correct translation

Creative Time Wasting: Phun with physics (cornstarch and sound waves)