Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Trashing WALL-E

Think Progress reports that a right-wing contingent of movie critics are up in arms over WALL-E, the latest hit from Pixar.

The film portrays a lonely robot’s quest for love, as he is left to clean up a trashed earth. Meanwhile, the over-indulged humans wait it out aboard gigantic spaceships run by a monolithic corporation-turned-government that “resemble spas for the fat and lazy.”

Somehow, this touching love story has outraged the radical right.

Next week, they’re going to get upset about Bambi because of its anti-gun message and The Yearling because of the boy’s emotional attachment to the deer (paging Rick Santorum). Oh, and what’s up with Snow White shacking up with seven men?

To quote the immortal Jacques Brel, “If people like them had their way, they’d paint the world the color of goose shit.”