Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Card Games

Eugene Robinson nails Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC and McCain’s BFF) for putting words in Barack Obama’s mouth.

On Sunday, the exceedingly thin-skinned Graham was still shocked, saddened and outraged over Obama’s throwaway line, spoken days earlier, about not looking like previous presidents. Graham said on “Fox News Sunday” that “there’s no doubt in my mind that what Senator Obama is trying to suggest — that he’s a victim of something.” Graham later added: “We’re not going to run a campaign like he did in the primary. Every time somebody brings up a challenge to who you are and what you believe, ‘You’re a racist.’ That’s not going to happen in this campaign.”

The key words are “victim” and “racist” — which Obama did not say. Graham puts them in Obama’s mouth because of their power to alienate.

This is interesting on two levels. The first is that the GOP is doing everything it can to point out that Barack Obama is “different,” and then, when Barack Obama points out that yes, he is different, the GOP cries foul and claims he’s playing the victim and race cards. (The Republicans could teach a graduate seminar in playing the victim card, taking lessons from the poor oppressed Christians and the white married straight people who can’t catch a break in the face of the radical homosexual agenda.)

I suppose when you’re desperate to keep the attention away from the raging inconsistencies and flip-flops of your own candidate, you’ll play any card in your hand, even if it’s the queen.