Friday, August 15, 2008


Was it a good idea to have Barack Obama go on vacation in Hawaii and leave the stage to John McCain? According to Josh Marshall, it shows Mr. McCain at his unvarnished worst: acting like he’s president — after chiding Barack Obama for being “presumptuous.”

McCain’s stance on [Russia’s invasion of Georgia] shows him to be close to certifiable — not only on specific policy points but also in what I guess I would call affect. But it’s not lost on me that people without much background on what actually happened might think this shows him at his strongest, best, etc. On the other hand, he really has gone considerably beyond what’s ever been considered appropriate or acceptable for a presidential candidate. He’s worked at fairly evident cross-purposes with the president of his own party. He’s been in several times a day phone contact with one of the key players in the drama. He’s dispatching his own faux diplomatic delegations to the scene.

The question remains, though, is anyone in the press noticing?

Well, here’s the Washington Post‘s take on it.