Monday, August 11, 2008

Exotic Vacation

Oliver Willis on Sen. Obama’s choice for a week off.

So, the idiot meme du jour (aka, its summer time and air time/newspaper columns must be filled!) is that Barack Obama is once again going back to the well of elitism by going on vacation to Hawaii. Really. Well, first of all, as has been noted before, Obama had a middle class upbringing and married a woman from working class Chicago. Sen. McCain’s father was an admiral and after McCain ditched his first wife, he married a heiress beauty pageant contestant. Until his book topped the charts, Sen. Obama had student loans he was still repaying. Sen. McCain lives on a multi-acre family compound with numerous other homes across the country.

Now, speaking specifically about vacations, Sen. McCain spent his downtime earlier this year on his palatial ranch (including a man made pond), entertaining the mainstream media with barbecue in an event catered by his family’s personal assistant. Sen. Obama is on vacation in Hawaii, where his sister (among other members of his family) lives. On Sunday Cokie Roberts – the very definition of the blue blood Washington elitists who have so much wealth and power in this country – called Hawaii “exotic” and “foreign” (and used that as a reason for why Sen. Obama shouldn’t have gone there). Granted, I would expect maybe for Sen. McCain to make this mistake since Hawaii became a state when McCain was 22 (!) and as such he finds the concept that Hawaii is now a state something of a new novelty, but while it is in the Pacific, Hawaii is in fact one of our states. They’ve got a governor, two senators and everything.

Chalk this up as yet another glaring example of pundits and Republicans taking pride in their ignorance…or cynically counting on the ignorance of the electorate. Remember, it was Tucker Carlson who warned against the influx of illegal aliens from Puerto Rico taking jobs away from ‘Murikins.