Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hey, Comcast… – Follow Up

Back on Friday, July 25, I wrote a post about being charged for a service call by Comcast that clearly was the responsibility of the cable company or their contractor. On Saturday I got an e-mail from Comcast notifying me that my cable bill was ready for viewing on their website. When I saw it, it was for the full amount; no credit had been applied.

I immediately fired off a polite but firm e-mail to Frank Eliason, the person who had responded to the blog posting, and I got an almost instant response that he would look into it and confirm it with me “tomorrow.” I got no e-mail from him on Sunday or yesterday, so late last night (well, late for me, anyway) I sent him another e-mail. He confirmed that a credit in the amount of $28.85 had been applied to my bill and he had the screen shot to prove it. True to his word, this morning when I checked with Comcast customer service, the agent said that my bill had been credited for that amount.

So it all worked out in the end. However, since Comcast doesn’t have the ability to update a bill once it’s posted, chances are I would have sent them the full amount in August and not gotten the credit until my September bill had I not called it to someone’s attention (including the blogosphere). Mr. Eliason assured me that Comcast is in the process of making their billing “live” so that adjustments can be seen in real time. That’s probably a good idea, seeing as how most companies insist on immediate payment; I don’t think Comcast would like it if I dragged out my “adjustment” for three months.

PS: Does anyone know why there’s a two-second lag between the signal on my TV with the cable box and the one without it? Just curious. (Maybe that’s when they’re downloading all my personal information…[/snark])