Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Local Election Results

There was a primary election here in Miami yesterday, and one surprise.

In an election night shocker that could spell the end of embattled Superintendent Rudy Crew’s tenure in Miami, incumbent School Board member Evelyn Greer lost her seat to a retired principal whose recent offer to stay on the job for a $1 salary was rebuffed by the district.

The surprise victory by Larry Feldman could shift the balance of power on the Miami-Dade School Board.

Greer had been one of Crew’s strongest supporters on the bitterly divided nine-member board. Feldman has said in the past he would bring new leadership to the nation’s fourth-largest school district.

But Tuesday night, Feldman was more measured and said he would first enjoy his ”David and Goliath” win.

This could get interesting.