Tuesday, August 5, 2008

No Idea

John McCain is not responsible for what his campaign is saying about Barack Obama.

John McCain is so honorable and straight-shooting that the only explanation for his campaign’s headlong dive into sleaze, xenophobia and gonzo bamboozlement is that McCain is so out of it and controlled by his advisors that he doesn’t actually know what they’re doing in his name.

Oh, yeah; he’s ready to lead.

Steve Benen thinks this is another shining example of the press making excuses for Sen. McCain and thereby giving him a very generous grading curve. I agree wholeheartedly; a candidate is responsible for everything done in his name by his campaign, and letting Mr. McCain off the hook like this on the part of Andrea Mitchell and Roger Simon is barf-making and it doesn’t pass the other-foot test: if Barack Obama’s apologists tried to get away with it, the Orcosphere would go nuts. Oh, wait…