Thursday, August 7, 2008

Olympic Coverage

Just to let you know that this blog will not be the place to come for Olympic coverage. Although I am not as vehement in my indifference to them as some, I really haven’t paid a heck of a lot of attention to them in a while; the treacly life-story coverage of every athlete (why is it that it seems that every participant has some tear-jerker background story that will end up on Lifetime TV starring Markie Post?), the endless commercials and product placement, the twelve-hour time delay, and the sheer just-too-too-much-of-everything turns me off. I’ll probably tune in to watch some events like diving and men’s gymnastics, but that’s just because I like to watch those events….except now there’s one less reason. Other than that, I expect to spend my leisure time catching up on my reading, writing, and theatre-going.