Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Possible Plot Uncovered

From the New York Times:

City and federal authorities said Monday night that at least three people were under arrest on firearms and drug charges in connection with a possible plot to kill Senator Barack Obama during his speech accepting the Democratic presidential nomination on Thursday night.

The United States attorney’s office in Denver has scheduled a news conference for Tuesday afternoon to discuss its investigation. A spokeswoman for the Denver Police Department said that an “aggressive” inquiry had been under way since the first arrest in the case. That occurred during a traffic stop in Aurora, Colo., on Sunday morning, when the police seized firearms and methamphetamine, the authorities said.

To paraphrase Jed Bartlet, the finest law enforcement forces in the world end up relying on some idiot driving around with a busted taillight.

On a serious note, this kind of stuff is the nightmare that dare not speak its name; there is always going to be a dedicated core of evil people who believe it is their God-given right to kill the first black man to run for president.