Friday, August 22, 2008

Safe Mode

Apparently in my efforts to restore my laptop to its former self and adding some “improvements” in terms of software, I’ve gotten myself into a situation where the boot-up sequence freezes about 99% of the way the process. I can run it fine in Safe Mode — obviously — and I’ve found a computer repair shop here in Stratford who expresses confidence that they will be able to resolve my issues tout de suite.

But I also don’t want to press my luck with it, so for the first time in the four or so years I’ve been doing it, I’m postponing the Friday Blogaround until I can be sure that all systems are functioning within normal parameters. That may mean it will be Friday Blogaround, Saturday edition, but we shall see. Thanks for your patience, and I apologize for any inconvenience (sorry, Rook), but I’m sure you appreciate the situation.

In case of breaking news, i.e. Barack Obama names his VP or John McCain buys another house, I’ll get back on as soon as I can.

Meanwhile, check out the LC on your own on the sidebar, or drop me your own links for later posting.