Friday, August 29, 2008

The New CBC Radio 2

Today is the end of the road for the current weekday schedule on CBC Radio 2. So it’s so long to Music and Company with Tom Allen, Here’s to You with Catherine Belyea, Studio Sparks with Eric Friesen, and DiscDrive with Jurgen Gothe. These folks have been my daily provider of classical music and entertainment via streaming audio at the office for over four years now, ever since I heard their programs when I was back in Toledo on vacation and listened to CBE out of Windsor.

On Tuesday they will be replaced by a new schedule that will include different kinds of music, although there will still be a segment devoted to classical music. (Tom Allen will continue to host the morning program, but it won’t be classical.)

I’ll be interested to see how it goes. My selection of music at work runs to classical because it fits in nicely with the atmosphere, and except for operatic arias or solo violin, it doesn’t bother my co-workers. Much.

For now, though, I’ll bid a fond farewell and best wishes to Catherine, Eric, and Jurgen; thanks for the music and the memories, and I’ll miss the music that introduces each program; the Scherzo for Stephen, Vancouver Variations, Djembe, and Jean-Philippe Rameau’s Synthesizer Opener. They’ve been an important part of my day. But as someone once said recently, change can be good. I hope so.