Thursday, August 14, 2008


We just had a little tornado go through Miami Springs. Or at least that’s what the people who were outside watching it said it was.

(The radar images is from Key West. The local radar was “down for maintenance” at the time.)

All I saw was a lot of paper and leaves blowing by my office windows accompanied by lots of lightning and thunder. But they swear they saw a funnel cloud.

Tornadoes in South Florida aren’t usually that severe; compared to the ones they get in the Midwest, all they do is blow a lot of stuff against the fence and knock over a few trash cans.

When I joined my colleagues out in the parking lot to wonder at this bit of full-force nature, I said, “Look! There’s a dead witch under the house and everything’s in color!”

I love referential humor.

Update: Yep, it was a tornado, all right, and it did a little more than knock over a few trash cans.