Monday, September 8, 2008

Eight Simple Questions

ABC’s Charlie Gibson has been granted the first interview with Gov. Sarah Palin. It will, by all preliminary appearances, be one of those soft-focus walk-in-the-woods sessions that networks usually grant to people like Richard Branson or Martha Stewart…before she spent time in the joint. Talk about a culture of celebrity.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure Charlie Gibson won’t ask her any tough questions such as:

– Name the president of Pakistan.

– What is the difference between Shi’a and Sunni Muslims?

– Find Darfur on a map.

– What is the difference between Title I, Title II, and Title IV, and how do they apply to local educational funding?

– Who is the prime minister of Canada and what party does he represent?

– What is the current prime rate?

– Name the nine members of the United States Supreme Court and the presidents who appointed them.

– Is Puerto Rico a state, a territory, or a commonwealth?

I think, however, we’re going to get a really good lesson on how to wrap a moose for mailing.