Tuesday, September 30, 2008

For and Against

The Republican National Committee is out with an ad that blasts the bailout package that failed yesterday and ties it to Barack Obama. No surprise there; the RNC is doing what they’re best at.

But wait…

The Republican president supported the bill. The Republican Senate leadership supported the bill. The Republican House leadership supported the bill. The Republican presidential nominee supported the bill. And the Republican National Committee runs an ad insisting that Obama’s bailout package “will make the problem worse.”

Indeed, the RNC unveiled its breathtaking ad literally within minutes of John McCain telling Fox News that in order to get increased support for the bill, “We’re going to have to change enough Republican and Democrats’ minds.””

So, simultaneously, the Republican Party is campaigning against the bill, and Republican presidential candidate is campaigning in support of the bill. Brilliant.

Does the right hand know what the far-right hand is doing?