Thursday, September 11, 2008

How We Win

From my brother:

Perhaps no one put it more succinctly than NBC’s Chuck Todd this evening when he said that the Republicans are just going one day at a time, and every day they can avoid talking about the issues, they win that day. There are only 55 of them left, they just have to keep it going.

This seems to be the political version of Muhammad Ali’s “rope-a-dope” or the old basketball tactic of simply playing keep away to run out the clock. Where is the political version of the shot clock?

The problem is that we are being drawn into it, and mistakenly think we can fight this crap with bigger, better, more truthful crap on our side. Or simple indignation (dear God, don’t people realize this?). Yes, I passionately believe we’re right, but that’s missing the point. Every minute we spend sending or receiving this pooh, no matter how accurate, is lost time on the clock.

Obama and company need to call them on this quite loudly. Every single time it comes up, don’t spend more than a single sentence refuting it. Promptly change the subject back to issues, and scream loudly “they’re talking about this, why don’t they talk about…”. Health care, the economy, the war, the 8 years of hell, the mortgage mess, the cost of gas, the failure in Afghanistan, etc., etc. McCain has NO legs to stand on with regard to these issues, and although they like watching the side show, I think the average voter cares more about these issues.

Go back to the issues, and back to the issues, and back to the issues. That’s how we win.