Monday, September 15, 2008

Not Desirable

A Democratic independent group called Brave New PAC is putting out an ad that calls into question John McCain’s fitness as commander-in-chief. Big deal? Well, it’s from a fellow P.O.W. Phillip Butler who says that personal experience as a P.O.W. is not a desirable quality to have as president.

John McCain is not somebody that I would like to see with his finger near the red button.

It will be interesting on two fronts: we will see how the party that stood silent and nodded and winked at the Swift Boaters in 2004 react to an ad of the same vein* (and whether they’ll lack the sense of irony to demand that Barack Obama denounce it), and whether or not the national media does what they did with the Swift Boat gang in 2004; let Brave New PAC run one or two spots in limited markets, then pick up the ball and run with it all over the networks and the web.

I’m guessing Ballistic to the first, Silent to the second. But I’ve been wrong before.

*When I say “same vein,” I’m not implying that the Brave New PAC is making up shit and using half-truths about John McCain in the way that the SBVT did about John Kerry. I’m saying it’s going after what Josh Marshall calls the “untouchable” part of McCain’s biography, just as the Democrats thought Kerry’s war service was “untouchable.”