Sunday, September 14, 2008

Scary to the Max

Boatboy did a little research and put some thoughts together about Sarah Palin and her interaction with blogger Sherry Whitstine.

After reading the NYT article on Alaska Gov. Palin’s style, I did a little deeper digging. Intrigued by the governor’s acrimony towards Sherry Whitstine, a ‘blogger local to Palin’s base, I read her ‘blog. The contents should silence anyone who thinks Palin is anything like in step with the Religious Right footsoldiers.

Ms. Whitstine is, from her own ‘blog, a passionate Conservative, and a true believer of the mold of Dobson. She calls for drilling in ANWR, dismissal of “liberals” in US politics, quotes Scripture to make her political points, and generally stands for all the things a Xtian rightwinger should. This is the sort of person one would think would support Palin wholeheartedly.

Instead, Whitstine excoriates Palin unmercifully. Oh, not for being counterFeminist, or for poor policy statements, or any of the other substantive arguments the Progressive sphere is bringing up. Whitstein blasts Palin on essentially two counts: that she’s incurably corrupt, and that she’s a bad Christian.

Whitstine’s ‘blog has post after post on Palin’s record of favoritism, nepotism, ineffectual leadership, spendthrift policies – and a near equal quantity of damning character assessments with KJB chapter/verse references to back them up. According to Whitstine, Palin puts self first, family and loyal friends second, party a distant third – and Country and God just don’t get more than lip-service. This sort of disapproval from within a presumed safe GOP voting bloc begs the question of how McCain vetted, not only Palin’s political background, but her conservative Xtian bona fides as well.

I’m no fan of neocon-fundie theocrats. But it’s at once heartening and deeply disturbing to read the words of one who would, from her writings and attitudes, be in lockstep with such instead call out God’s Own Party’s anointed veep candidate as the unabashed, solipsistic, mean-spirited opportunist she is becoming known to be. Heartening to see the beginnings of disillusionment; disturbing to see what an abysmally poor choice – from either perspective – that Palin is for the GOP and yet made and supported by the party establishment and the RWNM [right-wing noise machine].