Thursday, September 4, 2008

We Should Apologize?

Following up on my post below, Andrew Sullivan nails it.

For one brief moment, the press looked at the fantasist incompetence of the Republican establishment and did some actual reporting and vetting. Now, they seem cowed again by a bully like Steve Schmidt. For my part, I don’t believe the lesson of the past eight years is that the press should not ask every single question – and get honest, prompt answers – when we are being told things that we have to take on trust. After the WMD fiasco, when we all but gave the president the benefit of the doubt in wartime to be truthful about the very basis of a war, we have a responsibility to keep probing, filtering, vetting, asking. It’s our fricking duty. I learned my lesson not to take anything these people say on trust.

The McCain camp landed America and the world with someone who could technically be president of the US next February with close to no vetting and no real knowledge of who she is – and we are supposed to just accept the propaganda being peddled by people who once worked for Karl Rove.

Never again. Keep asking. Keep Googling. In so many ways, the Republican myth machine has finally met its match. It’s not the “Washington establishment” for Pete’s sake. They were busy sipping champagne and nibbling on truffles with Washington celebrity McCain at fabulous restaurants until very recently. It’s you, ordinary citizens with modems and questions. That’s who they’re afraid of. That’s who they want to intimidate.

Not this time.