Thursday, October 30, 2008

Blogroll Updates

BlogRolling, the service I use for adding and maintaining the blogrolls on the sidebar, has been having some massive issues with hackers, so other than just keeping the blogrolls going, it’s been unable to do anything else, like allow me to add new blogs or move existing ones to their rightful places. In their absence, I’d like to point out a couple of new blogs that I plan to add once the good folks at Blogrolling get back up to speed:

First is The Slightly Disturbing Adventures of Grant Haws, who only came to my attention recently. Welcome, Grant.

Second is Margaret and Helen, who I profiled yesterday. I have a warm place in my heart for outspoken women like them, and I’m glad to see that they prove that blogging, unlike galloping around the galaxy, is not just a game for the young.

This is also a good chance for you, dear reader, to call my attention to blogs that I may not have noticed but should be included. And I don’t mean just liberal or progressive sites, either. I am interested primarily in good writing and discourse, not political orthodoxy. Drop me a note via the comments or e-mail.