Friday, October 24, 2008

Both Barrels

South Florida has at least two public radio stations; WLRN, which is owned and operated by Miami-Dade County Public Schools, and WKCP, which bills itself as Classical South Florida, and is owned and operated by American Public Media. WKCP is basically a repeater of the programming from Minnesota Public Radio with cleverly engineered local drop-ins with time and weather from the DJ’s in Minneapolis. Whatever its source, I’m glad to have it back; Miami lost its commercial classical station at the end of 2001 when WTMI changed formats to “party music,” or what I called “culturally-stereotypical gay dance music that made me want to gouge my eyes out with a dull butter knife.”

Of course, public radio has to have fund-raisers. WLRN just completed their eight days of pleading and “special programming.” And now WKCP is celebrating their one-year anniversary today, and they’re doing it by holding a fund-raiser. (Go to the site if you wish to contribute.) I just wish the timing of the two stations had been better timed; the morning after one ends, the next one begins. When I donate to public radio, I usually do it in the first day of the drive so my guilt is assuaged and I can then change the channel to some other station until it’s over. And I wish they had the ingenuity and the joie de vivre of the late Ed Catton and the folks at Interlochen Public Radio.

So I’ve made my donations… and now I’m listening to CBC Radio 2’s classical feed; no DJ’s, no “special programming,” just music. Thank you, citizens of the True North, for being my port until the begging stops.