Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Now that he’s been convicted of seven felony charges, the Senate may be rid of one of its most unlovable members. Via Political Animal:

“”I’m a mean, miserable S.O.B.,” he once proudly told his colleagues. And yet, he rose to awesome heights of influence in the Senate, controlling billions of dollars in public money. (…) How was Ted Stevens able to turn the fear and loathing he engendered in others into a political asset? (…)


Stevens doesn’t just end friendships–he gets revenge. (Or, as he has put it, “I don’t make threats–only promises.”) In the past, he has campaigned against colleagues who have angered him, and, in March 2006, he openly admitted to pulling a bill that would aid the Puget Sound shipping industry to spite Democratic Senator Maria Cantwell of Washington, who had crossed him over anwr. As a result, no one wants to say no to The Hulk, lest they land atop his hit list.”

And now he’s asking Alaskans and his Senate colleagues to “stand with him.” Yeah, good luck with that.