Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It’s The Water?

Four years after replacing Rep. Mark Foley because of a sex scandal, Rep. Tim Mahoney of Palm Beach Gardens is asking the House Ethics Committee to investigate his conduct regarding payments to a woman who is described as his former mistress.

Mahoney issued his statement several hours after ABC News reported on its website that he had agreed to pay $121,000 in March to a former mistress and staff member after being threatened with a sexual-harassment lawsuit.

Mahoney said he would be vindicated.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also called for an investigation.

ABC News, citing unnamed current and former Mahoney staff members, said the congressman began his affair with Patricia Allen, 50, in 2006 while he was campaigning for Congress, promising to return morals to Washington.

He’s facing a tough challenge from Republican Tom Rooney in a largely Republican district.

Further thoughts: As Incertus notes, it’s the same old song; the cover-up is worse than the crime. I know all about innocent until proven guilty, but if Mr. Mahoney is going to spend the next couple of years dealing with this case, regardless of the payout, he’s not much good as a Congressman. And besides, ethically-challenged politicians isn’t a Democratic shtick; they’re really bad at making it look like it’s an everyday thing.