Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Question of the Day

Apropos of today’s anniversary:

What was the first car you drove?

Note I said “drove,” not owned.

Mine was my family’s 1967 Ford Country Squire.

Ours was navy blue with fake wood grain on the sides and all the bells and whistles; power windows, air conditioning (a first for us), and an 8-track tape deck with AM radio. It had a massive 390 V-8 and probably got 12 mpg, although back then we didn’t care because gas was 35 cents a gallon. It was the first car I drove when I got my license forty years ago this week.

I am still driving a navy blue station wagon with fake wood grain and bells and whistles including power windows, air conditioning, and a cassette tape player. It’s a 1988 Pontiac 6000 LE Safari, and I’ve been driving it half as long as I’ve had my license.

Dr. Freud, call your service.