Monday, October 20, 2008

Welcome Back

One of the first blogs that linked to me and welcomed me to the blogosphere nearly five years ago was The Fulcrum written by Charles2. He was a founding member of the Liberal Coalition and for quite a while he was a strong voice in support of progressive causes. But then he went on hiatus for his own good reasons, and I regretfully moved The Fulcrum to the Inactive file. Then, lo and behold, Charles2 commented on a post and I hoped against hope that he was back. And he is, in full voice, and welcome.

Unfortunately, Blogrolling is still in the throes of hackdom so I can’t move him back into the Liberal Coalition blogroll, but as soon as Blogroll is well, I will.

Good to have you back, Charles2. As President Jed Bartlet would say, “Break’s over.”