Thursday, November 13, 2008

Do Me A Favor

I’ll make this really simple. Please go over to Shakesville and, if you are willing, please consider making a donation (buttons are on the right sidebar) or at least passing along your support to Melissa McEwan and her hard work.

Petulant has a short and succinct post as for the reasons, and Portly Dyke elucidates her own thoughts.

Maybe you don’t read Shakesville, but I’ve been reading it almost since Melissa launched it, and in February 2007 I was honored to be asked to join the community as a contributor. Since then I have learned a lot about a lot of things, including feminism, blogging, political insight, and many other things too many to mention. It has enriched me as a writer and as a person. Some of the evolution you’ve seen here at BBWW is a direct result of my participation in that lively, loving and occasionally maddening family. So even if you’re only an occasional reader of Shakesville, consider lending your support in any way you can.

I rarely if ever ask for help for other bloggers, but Melissa and Shakesville are worth helping.