Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Night

Okay, here we go. Cue the cliches and brace yourself. It’s Election Night at Bark Bark Woof Woof.

6:54 It is four minutes before the first polls close in the East and we’ll be finding out if the pundits are right or the voters are listening to their own concerns.

7:01 Kentucky to McCain, Vermont to Obama, and Indiana is too close to call. By the way, I don’t plan on doing minute-by-minute posting. I’ll be watching MSNBC (live feed over the internet now; TV when I get home) and I trust the rest of the channels will do a better job than I will on the granular stuff.

7:05 Virginia will be the one to watch at this hour and so far… Mark Warner wins the Senate seat.

By the way, I’m writing this from the dining room at a friend’s house. Tonight is the monthly board meeting of my car club, so I’m sitting in a corner with headphones on, listening to Pat Buchanan carry on like he’s two seconds away from having his head explode and watching the meeting go on as the members report on the upcoming events. Once the meeting is over, it will be back to Chez BBWW.

7:23 I just got a phone call from Beantown Girl. She told me that for the first time in her life she voted for a Democrat for president. I will also repeat what she told me: that she made the decision based in no small part by what she learned about the issues and the candidates from this blog. She gave a great deal of credit to the commenters for informing her and making her think about more than just a single issue or party affiliation. Thank you, BG, but I couldn’t do it without you.

7:30 More too close to call: Ohio and North Carolina. And a reminder: pay no attention to exit polls… at least as staking any bets. If we counted exit polls, we’d be watching the re-election of John Kerry tonight.

7:57 Everyone’s waiting for 8:00 with 157 electoral votes to be had at this hour. FiveThirtyEight is reporting that preliminary numbers from bellwether counties in Indiana look very promising for Obama; he’s way ahead of where John Kerry was in these counties and it’s still too close to call.

8:02 Pennsylvania goes to Obama. The Quaker state comes through and John McCain’s road to 270 just got a lot tougher. Obama also picks up more in New England, including New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, and Connecticut. And a lot of states that are too close to call, including Florida and Alabama. Oh, I almost forgot… Illinois goes for Obama. What a shock.

8:20 Fox and CBS are calling the North Carolina Senate seat for Kay Hagan. So long, Elizabeth Dole.

8:37 More of the South goes for McCain: Alabama and Georgia. No surprises there.

8:42 Another senate seat changes hands: Jeanne Shaheen wins in New Hampshire, beating incumbent John Sununu.

8:58 The next big wave is coming at 9:00 ET, including Colorado and New Mexico.

9:12 New York, Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota go for Obama. Kansas, North Dakota, and Wyoming go for McCain. No word yet on the senate race in MN; Franken vs. Coleman vs. Barkley.

9:20 Okay, the meeting’s over. I’m packing up and heading for Chez BBWW. See you on the other side.

9:34 Home again. Ohio is called for Obama. Oh, I’m so proud of my home state. Way to go, Buckeyes. And MSNBC is calling New Mexico for Obama as well.

With Ohio, Pennsylvania, New England, and the lake states and Florida looking blue around Orlando, I think we’re beginning to see a pattern here. The only way for McCain to really make a comeback is for him to win California.

10:00 Iowa goes to Obama, Utah and Texas to McCain, so McCain is finally over 100 electoral votes.

10:07 The last GOP congressman in New England, Chris Shays of Connecticut, loses. The Rocky Mountain News is calling Colorado for Obama. So far they’re the only one doing that.

10:13 Obama is getting 60% of the vote in Orange County here in Florida. That’s Orlando, the heart of the I-4 corridor and the bellwether of that part of the state. That’s pretty surprising.

10:19 Steve Benen tells it: “If McCain doesn’t win California, Oregon, Washington, or Hawaii, this contest is over, regardless of what happens in any other state.”

10:34 Time for a little breather. Here in Florida, Amendment 2 — the anti-marriage-equality amendment — is currently at 62%, which is enough to pass. But Miami-Dade and Broward Counties have yet to report. In the congressional races, Mario Diaz-Balart is in a tight race with Joe Garcia. His brother Lincoln is leading challenger Raul Martinez.

10:54 Unless there’s a massive fail somewhere among the previous projections, we are six minutes from hearing that Barack Obama has won the election. Think about that.