Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Rep. Paul Broun issued a standard if/then statement about comparing President-elect Obama to Hitler…or the Soviet Union.

After stirring a controversy that was grabbing national attention, the Republican lawmaker from Athens apologized for making such references.

“I regret putting it that way,” Broun told WGAC radio in Augusta. “I apologize to anyone who has taken offense at that.”

Broun acknowledged that he called Obama a Marxist at a Rotary Club meeting in Augusta last week. In an Associated Press interview Monday night, he went further, charging that an Obama campaign proposal for a civilian national security reserve corps would be like the security forces of Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union.

Here’s another example of a politician weaseling his way out of stupid situation: if he offended anyone, then he apologizes. If he didn’t, then he doesn’t. Which means he isn’t really apologizing at all; in fact, he’s still pushing his line of right-wing nutsery.

My question for Mr. Broun is why bother? If you’re not really apologizing, then don’t do it.