Friday, November 7, 2008

Right On

My brother reads several forums that are populated by a lot of right-wingers. Here’s one commenter who is taking exception to the idea that Sarah Palin was a drag on the McCain-Palin ticket. (Note: spelling and punctuation have been left intact.)

Subject: McCain Makes Palen Scapegoat

Mr. McCain, how dare you and your friends blame Sarah Palen for losing the election. You sir, lost the election not her.

You sir, needed the hook off the stage after losing the last time around. You sir, fought like it was owed to you. You didn’t fight like you were going up against the George Soros machine. You sir, ran the worst campaign imaginable under your own campaign finance law that you so skillfully crafted and then it bit you in the butt. Your sound bites on stage were down right embarrassing. You never came across as believable. You were the worst candidate our party could possibly offer but still better than the guy you ran against.

You sir, lost because you are a moderate. You were already to old and you needed every conservative vote you could get but you were hung up on global warming, cap and trade and other foolery that conservatives don’t go for.

You sir, lost the election because you failed to expose your opponent in every debate. You lost because you were a happy looser giving your opponent the benefit of doubt at every turn. You ran the campaign like you didn’t care whether you won or not. You said nice things about your opponent. You never even came to the northwest.

Now you send your friends out to smear Sarah Palen after she saved your sorry carcus when your do-nothing campaign was going nowhere. Shame on you Mr. McCain. You are more critical of the woman that supported you then your own opponent. But that was always the problem that your party always feared; you reached across the isle one too many times.

They’re out there.