Saturday, November 15, 2008

Short Takes

Bill or Hillary? Bill Richardson, that is, or Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State in the Obama administration.

The Mormons did it. The church poured money into the battle to pass Prop 8 in California. It’s ironic that a religious group once persecuted for their marriage practices would persecute others.

Rally for love and equality. A lot of people are protesting the Prop 8 vote. Here’s where they’re doing it in Florida.

After the Religious Right: what’s next for people of faith in politics.

Wildfire. The fires in Santa Barbara destroyed 111 homes, including the Mount Calvary monastery where I once spent a week in 1978 at a retreat.

Book ’em. The Miami Book Fair continues, and e-books are gaining stature.

Your inner lolcat. What our fascination with anthropomorphic felines says about us.

Saturday morning cartoons. Johnny Bravo.