Monday, December 22, 2008

Good Morning

Today is the start of the official Winter Break for the school system, which means that as of today, I’m off work until January 5. That means that I will be doing — I hope — a lot of writing and just plain enjoying the time off. I do have one adventure planned for next weekend — I’ll have more on that later — but mostly I’ll be puttering around the house, finishing little chores and pleasures that I’ve put off, and hopefully putting a lot of thought into some of the writing I’ve let go during the last few hectic months.

As for blogging, I plan to keep up the pace, but I’ll stretch it out during the day rather than do the majority of it in the morning before going off to work. You’ll probably see the same amount of postings — maybe even more — but at a more leisurely pace, which is my way of telling you to keep checking in during the day. And of course I’ll be doing my usual year-end retrospective. Jon Swift has already asked me for my idea of my best post of the year, and I’ve sent it in. I’ll let you know when he posts his retrospective so you can see the best of the best… and mine, too.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve got planned for the next two weeks. Stay tuned.