Monday, December 15, 2008

Kristol: A Plague on Both

William Kristol is surprisingly — for him — balanced in his assessment of the situation with the auto company bailout. He blames the left for treating the corporate leaders like robber barons and the right for attacking the UAW.

Whichever party can liberate itself from its well-worn rut to propose policies that help both American businesses and workers has a great opportunity. That party’s leaders could begin by offering management and labor at the Big Three a little more sympathy, and heaping upon them a little less calumny.

For once I agree with him. Both sides screwed up, and the ones left holding the bag are the thousands of businesses and people who are touched by the auto industry, even if there isn’t an auto plant or parts shop within miles. And as they taught me in first aid class years ago, the first thing you do is stabilize the patient, stop the bleeding, and treat for shock. Then you figure out what happened and try to prevent it from happening again.