Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Short Takes

Bupkus: The Obama transition team releases the report on contacts between them and Gov. Blagojevich and says there’s nothing untoward to report.

Still Winter: If you’re traveling up north, it’s still snowy, icy, and generally crappy getting from here to there. It’s even delaying travel here in Florida.

Not a Done Deal: Caroline Kennedy’s shoo-in to the Senate meets some resistance from Democrats.

Happy Pat: Not that it matters, but Pat Robertson is pleased with Obama’s cabinet picks so far.

Up by 46: Al Franken has the lead in the Minnesota Senate recount.

End of the Road: SUV’s are dying and the auto companies are closing the plants that made them.

Breaking News for Wingnuts: Hawaii is one of the fifty United States.

“Dark Days” for the GOP: Michael Scherer of Time looks down the Republican road and sees trouble.

Bite Me takes on a whole new meaning: misdemeanor battery.