Saturday, December 20, 2008

Short Takes

Prop 8 Sides Chosen: California AG Jerry Brown will urge the state Supreme Court to overturn it; Kenneth Starr will defend it. This is a reversal for Mr. Brown, who supported it back in November; not so much for Mr. Starr, who seems to be obsessed with other peoples’ sex lives.

A Force Unto Himself: Vice President Dick Cheney claims he has the sole power to determine what record of his will be turned over to the National Archives.

$17 Billion: GM and Chrysler get their holiday wish. Ford doesn’t need it…yet.

Minnesota Recount: Al Franken takes the lead.

He Really Doesn’t Like Gays: Pastor Rick Warren may say he’s not homophobic, but you can’t join his church if you’re an “unrepentant homosexual.”

Blagojevich Defiant: The Illinois governor says he’s not going down without a fight, and quotes Kipling.

Holiday Travel: If you live in Seattle, Minneapolis, Toledo, New York, or Boston and you’re not where you’re planning to go for the holidays… well, good luck.

A windy and bitterly cold storm system will drop a swath of 4 to 8 inches of snow over parts of North Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

The northerly winds will be a big deal across the northern Plains today, gusting over 40 mph and creating blizzard conditions.

Also the winds will cause dangerous low wind chills as day time highs range from -10 to 10 across the Dakotas and wind chills range from -10 to -40.

By late today a winter storm will blast parts of Washington and Oregon with snow and wind.

And it’s heading for the Northeast.

Saturday Morning Cartoon: A Charlie Brown Christmas.