Saturday, December 13, 2008

Short Takes

Exploring All Options: The White House is moving towards tapping the $700 billion fund to help GM and Chrysler.

Wrecking Crew: The GOP senators who hate the UAW and love foreign cars, and the memo that gave them their marching orders.

They Talked: The Chicago Tribune says that Rahm Emanuel “had conversations” with Rod Blagojevich’s office about the vacant senate seat.

The Concept of Irony: It would be a lot easier to read right-wing rants about corruption in Illinois if they hadn’t spent the last eight years shrugging off lying our way into war, condoning torture, exacting political revenge in the Department of Justice, and the shredding of the Constitution. To demand a full examination of every phone call ever made by Barack Obama is a little rich coming from these paragons of virtue.

Tough Times for Paperboys: “The publisher of the Detroit Free Press is expected to announce that the newspaper will cease home delivery on most days of the week.”

Charlie and Carole: Florida Governor Charlie Crist gets married. Best wishes to the happy couple.

Morning Exercise: Go for the burn.

(HT to Daily Dish.)