Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Short Takes

Dr. Hooker: A Miami Beach psychiatrist has a little business on the side.

Boom: The bomb squad blows up a suspicious package in downtown Miami… and frighten the local vultures.

Such a Deal: The Democrats and the White House are getting close to an “agreement in concept” for GM and Chrysler.

Talking Points: How to sell the world on just how wonderful the presidency of George W. Bush really was. No, seriously.

Say It Ain’t So, Joe: The erstwhile plumber who realized way too late that his fifteen minutes were up a long time ago now turns on the man who made him famous. But he still thinks Sarah Palin is “the real deal.”

Going Down Fighting: Sen. Larry Craig (R-Denial) loses his appeal in his attempt to overturn his own guilty plea for trying to pick up a muscle-boy trick in an airport biffy. He leaves office next month to pursue other options. But he’s still not gay.