Saturday, December 6, 2008

Short Takes

Helping Detroit hang on until we get a real president. The Democrats are working on a short-term loan for the Big 3 until Barack Obama is sworn in.

Senator Kennedy? Caroline Kennedy is said to be seriously considering putting her name in to replace Hillary Clinton in the Senate.

Blackwater in Deep: Employees of the shadowy contractor in Iraq are indicted for the deaths of 17 civilians.

Minnesota Recount: It’s all over except for the shouting…

William Ayers Speaks: After everything Sarah Palin and the right-wing noise machine had to say, hear what he has to say.

Slightly Ironic: A Pennsylvania US attorney appointed by Bush isn’t planning to leave office when the Bush administration comes to an end.

Good News for Schools: Nine Miami-Dade public schools make the US News & World Report top 100 schools in the nation list.

Showing Concern: Do you know what a “concern troll” is? Read and learn.

Taking This Blog Literally? A robbery suspect barks at the judge.

Saturday Morning Cartoon: Snagglepuss.

“Heavens to Murgatroyd!