Friday, January 30, 2009

Chip Shot

Chip Saltzman, the Republican who tried to win the hearts and minds of his fellow GOP’ers by demonstrating spectacular stupidity, is out of the running for chair of the RNC.

Saltsman’s campaign was upended when he sent a gift CD to committee members by Paul Shanklin, a right-wing comedian who plays parody songs on the Rush Limbaugh show. This CD contained a track called “Barack The Magic Negro,” in which Shanklin did an Amos & Andy-style impersonation of Al Sharpton ridiculing white liberals who support Barack Obama. Saltsman blamed the flap on the media.

A survey of committee members by NBC News, published yesterday morning, showed Saltsman with the declared support of only one out of the 168 members.

Either he’s too over the top for the Republicans… or not enough.