Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Blogaround

The first Friday Blogaround of the Obama administration. Let’s see what the LC has to say this week.

A Blog Around The Clock: Science Online ’09 in pictures.
archy: the face of the modern conservative movement.
Bark Bark Woof Woof says goodbye to President Bush.
Bloggg: in case you missed it, the inauguration was live-blogged.
Collective Sigh with some thoughts on the change in Washington and in her life.
Dohiyi Mir: neener, neener.
Echidne Of The Snakes: ledbettered!
Florida Progressive Coalition Blog: Larry Thorson was there.
Iddybud Journal: remembering Dr. King.
Left Is Right: this cartoon says it all.
Musing’s musings grades the speech.
Pen-Elayne on the Web: measure your morality.
Rook’s Rant with the irony of the day.
rubber hose: too much fairness?
Scrutiny Hooligans gets a new design.
SoonerThought signs off. Thanks for everything, ST, and keep us informed.
Speedkill: random thought.
Steve Bates, The Yellow Doggerel Democrat: it’s about time.
Stupid Enough Unexplanation: reviews of the speech from the right wing.
WTF Is It Now?? on how the Republicans can really apologize.
…You Are A Tree: resetting the clock.

It’s been a year to the day since I went to New York to see Can’t Live Without You open off-off-Broadway. Where’d the time go?