Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Go On and Vote No

House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) is telling his fellow Republicans to vote against President Obama’s $825 billion stimulus package.

This pre-meeting bluster should dampen the mood for an early afternoon meeting with the president, who is making the trek to hear Republicans’ input on the legislation before Wednesday’s vote. Once Obama is done with House Republicans, he will cross the Capitol to join the Senate Republican Conference lunch to pitch them on the stimulus.

Fine. Let them vote no. Chances are they didn’t plan to vote for it no matter what because in the end, they’re more interested in political posturing than anything else. For example, the hue and cry over family planning funds is a manufactured kerfuffle because it’s been a part of the budget for generations and was first put in by Republicans…back in the day when family planning wasn’t the code word for James Dobson’s direct mail deluge.

To have John Boehner carry on about deficit spending, especially after all the years he spent rubber-stamping the Bush administration’s budgets, is rich, so to speak. The only reason he’s doing it is because he and the rest of the GOP are afraid that if the stimulus works, it will prove that the Democrats were right and there’s no reason whatsoever to listen to him anymore.

So let the GOP vote no and let them explain to the voters who are standing in the unemployment lines how they really do care about people who might be out of work: namely them.