Saturday, January 10, 2009

Opinion Research

I got an e-mail from my mom, aka Faithful Correspondent:

I have to tell you about the phone call I just had. The caller ID said “opinion poll” so I was ready and waiting. A deep Texas or Oklahoma-accented male voice asked me if I’d be willing to take a survey of attitudes about health care. I asked who was sponsoring the survey and he allowed as how he was only hired; no one told him who the employer is – this is where I knew how the thing would turn out.

First question: are you registered to vote? Answer: yes. Then he asked if I was planning or did I know if I would vote in the 2010 election. I said I always vote in every election. Next question: have you thought about how health care should be delivered so that everyone can be covered … and here he started on listing choices. I cut him short and said, “I believe in single-payer provided health care.” He asked me to repeat that since he hadn’t understood my answer. I said, “I think there should be government provided single-payer health care. Any more questions?” “No, that’ll about do it.” “Goodbye” “Goodbye”.

Such a satisfying experience. I had to share it.

I’m guessing the surveyor was hired by a market research firm on behalf of either Big Insurance, Big Pharma, or both, and they’re planning on mounting another Harry-and-Louise assault on whatever health care reform the Obama administration and the Democrats come up with. It’s nice that my mom poked a little hole in their trial balloon. Maybe if we all did that….