Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Senate Follies

Let’s see… New York, Illinois, Delaware, Colorado, Minnesota: five states that are getting new senators because of the incoming Obama administration, and only one of them — Colorado — has their act together enough to make the transition without so much as a popcorn fart. Meanwhile, Caroline Kennedy and Andrew Cuomo are politely duking it out over which one of them will succeed Hillary Clinton in New York, Vice President-elect Joe Biden has been sworn in for the shortest senate term on record, Norm Coleman is vowing to sue to get his seat back in Minnesota even though he was the one who said in November that the loser should concede gracefully and let the Senate get on with the people’s business. That was easy for him to say when he thought he was the winner. And then there’s Illinois and the kinderspiel over who gets to take Barack Obama’s seat.

No wonder Jeb Bush decided the hell with it.