Friday, January 30, 2009

Short Takes

Patrick Quinn starts his new job as governor of Illinois.

SCHIP, the childrens health care bill vetoed twice by President Bush, passes the Senate 66-32.

The first bill signed by President Obama is the Lily Ledbetter Fair Play Act, guaranteeing people the right to sue for equal pay for equal work.

“Shameful” is what President Obama called bonuses for Wall Street execs last year that amounted to over $18 billion at the same time they were begging for a bailout. I’d call it “chutzpah.”

True Test — Iraqi elections this weekend will be a sign of the future.

Army suicides are on the rise.

No-Man’s Land — Nate Silver looks at the method and madness behind the Republicans’ recalcitrance.

“Comeback!” — Meanwhile, the RNC thinks everything’s groovy as they plan to rebuild their party.

Quick Chill — South Florida braces for another night or two in the 40’s.