Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Short Takes

Let’s Talk a Little — President Obama is open to some compromise on the stimulus package, but not the whole thing.

$150 Billion for education is in the stimulus package, which would double the budget for the DOE.

Not Too Stimulated — South Florida Republicans are among those who are not yet on board with it.

Crist Vetoes Some Budget Cuts — and ticks off the Republicans in the process. Seems they don’t like being made into the bad guys.

The Florida Senate race got another candidate on the Democratic side: State Sen. Dan Gelber of Miami Beach announces he’s in, joining Rep. Kendrick Meek in the primary.

Waiting to Exhale — Secretary of State Clinton says the world can relax now that Bush is gone.

Bombs Mar Ceasefire in Gaza.

Stop Digging — “Friendly” witnesses sandbag Norm Coleman’s case in his lawsuit in Minnesota.

Karl Rove is asking the White House to help him in his plea to dodge a subpoena from Congress.