Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Short Takes

This is The Day — For those of you who have been in the Delta Quadrant for the last couple of months, today is Inauguration Day.

It Wasn’t Intentional — HBO says they meant to cover Rt. Rev. Eugene Robinson’s invocation on Sunday. Really. And to make it up, they’ll rebroadcast it.

No Pardon for Libby — I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby doesn’t get a pardon from President Bush. Not that it matters; he already got a commutation.

Moving Day — By the time the Obamas come back to the White House from the Inauguration, everything will be unpacked and no sign of the previous residents.

Class Act — Barack Obama honors John McCain.

In Other News: Israel speeds withdrawal from Gaza, Russia turns on the gas for Ukraine, and Britain unveils bailout plan.

Windy and Cold — Our annual reminder in South Florida that we only live in a sub-tropical climate is on its way with wind chill advisories and lows in the 30’s expected overnight. Beware of falling iguanas.